The Ultimate Game Chair

Just how many ways are there to make your product sound better than “The Ultimate Game Chair“? Well, apparently that just about takes the cake, thanks to a Capcom-branded Reactor Video Game Chair. Ultimate Game Chair is not a piece of furniture actually – it is but the first and only game chair company to have a formal licensing agreement with Capcom, and it would be pretty interesting to see how things shape up from here. Head on after the jump for further context.

With eight high-impact vibrating motors and 3D-stereo sound, the Reactor delivers a full-body sensory experience that amplifies game play on Capcom’s hottest titles “Street Fighter,” “Devil May Cry,” “Resident Evil,” and “MotoGP,” among others. The new Capcom Reactor game chair by Ultimate Game Chair will be available to Capcom’s 50 million fans worldwide later this year when its most anticipated releases hit retail. The Capcom Reator Game Chair will be marketed via Capcom’s in-game bundles and online marketing promotions for $179.99, plus shipping.

Well, would you fork out $179.99 for the chair itself along with in-game bundles from Capcom? I know that any self-respecting hard core gamer would, since it is the experience that is worth paying for, and with the fact that the Reactor Game Chair is able to boost game play with full-impact body blows or subtle movements, playing those mentioned triple-A titles will never be the same again. It is compatible with just about any wireless controller, steering wheel or mix-and-match favorite game accessories. Of course, before you continue on with your wireless lifestyle, you must pick up Ultimate Game Chair’s wireless adapter separately for $49.99 a pop, while those who want to get their gaming fix in the middle of the night without waking up the rest of the household can always rely on a pair of headphones.

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