The Ultimate Alarm Clock rings, shakes and flashes


Sometimes when you’re working too many hours at work it gets harder and harder for you to wake up in the morning.  It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy, but eventually it is possible for your mind to block out that your alarm is going off.  This alarm clock has so many different ways to get you to rise in the morning that you’d be covered no matter how tired you are.  If you’ve noticed one way doesn’t work with the alarm, you can add a function to your morning routine.  It is also entirely possible for you to set it up so that the alarm does all of this silently.

One way is to turn on the bright LED lamp, it flashes when it’s time for you to get up in the morning.  You can also set the volume and a low or high frequency to the tone that wakes you up.  Then there is also the included bedshaker that can go between mattresses or just under your pillow.  If that doesn’t work the alarm can make your phone ring too.  Either way, you’re getting up in the morning.  If you’re worried about losing power, this alarm has a 9V backup battery as well.  You can purchase it for $84.99.

Source: Newlaunches