The Truth Wristband Kit

truthwDo you remember the scene from Meet the Parents when Robert De Niro has Ben Stiller connected to a lie detector? In all honesty, I don’t see how you could not. After all, it was on the poster. I remember a certain line from that scene where De Niro tells Stiller: “You’d be quite surprised at how reliable [lie detectors] are”.

I always wondered how true that is, and if we really have perfected lie detecting technology. If so, why not just wear a lie detector on our wrist? This is the concept behind the Truth Wristband.

The Truth Wristband measures the user’s galvanic response to a question, and will go from blue to red which will reveal if the user is telling the truth.

Now, there is a question of who would use such a device. Obviously it has the potential to make interrogation much easier. I suppose someone could choose to wear these things. That would be quite a conversation piece, and a true test of your character.

Just like of the Truth Wrist Band as an application of Liar Liar, without the use of a birthday wish. Something tells me we might be seeing this device on Lie to Me, a drama on Fox that I highly recommend.

If you want to purchase the Truth Wristband Kit, feel free to head over to Maker shed and lay down $44.95.


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