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The Truth Wristband Kit

truthwDo you remember the scene from Meet the Parents when Robert De Niro has Ben Stiller connected to a lie detector? In all honesty, I don’t see how you could not. After all, it was on the poster. I remember a certain line from that scene where De Niro tells Stiller: “You’d be quite surprised at how reliable [lie detectors] are”.

I always wondered how true that is, and if we really have perfected lie detecting technology. If so, why not just wear a lie detector on our wrist? This is the concept behind the Truth Wristband.

The Truth Wristband measures the user’s galvanic response to a question, and will go from blue to red which will reveal if the user is telling the truth.

Now, there is a question of who would use such a device. Obviously it has the potential to make interrogation much easier. I suppose someone could choose to wear these things. That would be quite a conversation piece, and a true test of your character.

Just like of the Truth Wrist Band as an application of Liar Liar, without the use of a birthday wish. Something tells me we might be seeing this device on Lie to Me, a drama on Fox that I highly recommend.

If you want to purchase the Truth Wristband Kit, feel free to head over to Maker shed and lay down $44.95.


2 thoughts on “The Truth Wristband Kit”

  1. You just know that someone is going to figure out how to game this thing, especially for romantic situations. Perhaps employers will require you wear one at work. Now there’s an incentive to hack the thing!

  2. The problem with wristband companies is that they require you to order like a thousand wristbands. But on you can order any amount you want (including a writband for just you). I like to create wristbands for my friends to show off to people.

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