The Travel Mate (women only)

Travel MateI cannot believe that someone didn’t think of this before because it is hilarious. This is an item to be used by woman only, I wouldn’t say ladies as it is not particularly ladylike shall we say.

First of all, I’ll explain what it actually is. This item is called a ‘Travel Mate’ which is a non-invasive urinary product for women. The one inch by six inch soft plastic tube is contoured to fit the shape of the female anatomy. So really, what I’m saying is, you can pee standing up!

Just open your flies like a guy, insert the travel mate and there you have it! In fact in most cases, you don’t even need the use of toilet paper afterwards as it “wipes” off residual urine. If you really need a wee in the car, just whip out… your travel mate, and into a bottle!

The main idea behind this bizarre product is for camping, airplanes, wheel chair users and for when you want to avoid horrible germ ridden public toilets. Just pop it in your hand bag because you never know when you might need it.

When I showed my wife this device she was somewhat intrigued but when she thought about it more it kind of grossed her out a bit. She does genuinely want to give it a go however so perhaps I could give it to her at Christmas! What will the parents think when she opens it up?

In my opinion, whoever invented this is a genius. Not only is it practical, but it takes feminism to a whole new level.

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