The Trapdoor Toaster hopefully burns your toast less

I will never quite understand why designers feel the need to ‘redefine’ toasters.  It browns bread people, not really exciting stuff.  Although there are those bizarre ones who actually blacken their toast to a charred crisp and on purpose no less.  Now that is exciting, well not exciting really but it’s at least interesting.  The cool thing with this toaster, is even though it features a completely new design, it’s not just a concept.  This one is actually being sold at place, with stuff.  I know, I was shocked too.

Then again, it’s just being sold at Hammacher and Schlemmer who likes to sell random overpriced gadgets.  Therefore completely new and different toasters are right up their alley as long as they can price them for a ridiculous amount.  The toaster features this trapdoor design, which you can obviously see from the picture.  It also has automatic guide tracks for your bagels and all the other larger things you like to toast.  Among the more exciting speccs it features a 6-position electronic browning control, internal cord storage and states that the stainless steel and black plastic wipe clean.  Wow, they were really fishing for more speccs to throw that last one in.  To pick up your own it will cost you $79.95.

Source: greenhead