The Tote-A-Keg Portable Draught System

Behold - Tote-A-Keg! Summertime is in full swing in my part of the world and that means outdoor BBQs and get-togethers. There are a few things that can transform you from mooching slob into next-door legend when showing up at a neighborhood cookout; bringing a large slab of pre-rubbed ribs, a nice spicy homemade sauce or a cooler full of beer. To elevate yourself beyond legend status, bring the Tote-A-Keg, a portable draught beer system that holds 2.5 gallons of your finest homebrew. You will instantly be deified – grown men will speak of you in hushed and reverent tones. Now is the time to get yourself a compound and a nutty philosophy because anywhere you take this thing will produce instant followers.

Just like a big time draught system the Tote-A-Keg uses CO2 to dispense the beer and a 2.5 gallon keg is roughly the same amount as 2 cases, plenty for even the largest outdoor gathering. Another advantage is no glass or aluminum to dispose of and serving size is up to the discretion of the person doing the pouring. “Shock and awe” friends and acquaintances alike with your brewing prowess although beware of pitfalls. One time I had a complete stranger show up at the door of my apartment and ask: “Still got that keg?”

My plans this summer definitely include hitting some BBQs with a Tote-A-Keg. I haven’t got a compound but I do have a nutty philosophy so maybe with a few devout followers I could begin my new exalted lifestyle. I’ll have to draw the line at robes and chanting, this is Colorado after all and I wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were a bunch of drum circle attending vegetarians.

Pick up the Tote-A-Keg at Beer, Beer and More Beer.

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