The Titan is one tough nut


USB flash drives are extremely useful, and nearly everyone sports at least one these days. Unfortunately, most of us also have had the experience of accidentally spoiling our USB flash drives due to the nature of the inferior plastic which it comes in. Treat them casually and they probably won’t be able to last the distance, which is why Russian Slava Tyukalov has taken some time and trouble to create his very own USB flash drives which are way more durable than what you find on the market. These drives are certified waterproof, anti-shock, anti-vibration, and anti-static to ensure your data integrity remains no matter where you bring the USB flash drive.

Comrade Slava also mentions that unlike other USB flash drives in the market that claim to be bulletproof and virtually indestructible, they are no match for a simple jolt of household electricity which will turn your important data into toast in an instant. The Titan, Slava’s latest creation, guarantees that that will not happen. Constructed from light and durable graphite/aluminum composite metal matrix (a material that is traditionally used by space agencies such as NASA) and coated in titanium, the Titan is truly one tough nut to crack.

He will only be making a hundred of these, so grab them fast before they’re gone. Available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, the former will cost $147 while the latter retails for $247. Orders are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. Each of these USB flash drives are USB 2.0 certified and backwards compatible with the older USB 1.1 standard.

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