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The Timeless Garden tells the time

I’ve seen a few different types of earth-friendly clocks, but I don’t think any have looked quite as nice as this one.  Between the bright white materials and the soft grass growing out of the top, it’s definitely aesthetically appealing.  Although, it seems as if all concept designs are far prettier than the real products that are actually being sold.  One troublesome thing with this clock is that I’d be paranoid about over watering it, or managing to kill the grass somehow.

The clock is powered by a chemical reaction between the mud and the metal.  In theory, you should be able to grow what you want, just as long as it doesn’t need a lot of dirt space for roots.  The area to grow things in, is fairly shallow.  The body of the clock itself is a hitch between two recycled bodies made out of plastic.  It would definitely be nice not to have to deal with batteries or having yet another gadget hogging the outlets.  However, it will take a little extra work to keep the plants alive.  The garden was designed by Francesco Castigilone, so far there isn’t any purchase information.

Source: ForeverGeek