The Three-Face Wall Clock

Here’s a great way to keep track of the time and keep those around you on their toes.  Instead of having one clock to display the time, you’d have three.  Yes, it would use wall space more properly to just hang one, but this way is far more entertaining.  Besides, with this you get the joys of deciding how exactly to hang them up and in what order.  If you’re feeling particularly anal you could hang them in a row from smallest to largest, or for the eccentric ones you could hang it in this cluster.

Each face shows a different type of time, one is seconds, the other minutes and lastly are hours.  These are made in Italy and made of painted wood.  The clock comes in only the black shown here and each face in a varying size.  The largest is .75d x 11.5” diam and the smallest being 1.75.d x 7.5” diam.  They are all run by AA batteries, three to be precise, that are actually included with the purchase.  Which is highly nice of them, considering this set of clocks will run you $295.

Source:  Bookofjoe

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