The ThinkGeek Epoch Clock

Want to show the rest of the world that your brain is a cut above the rest? Well, with the ThinkGeek Epoch Clock, you are able to impress geeks with your ability to read binary numbering systems in a flash, while the rest of the room try to figure out just what is that strange looking device trying to say.

Reminiscent of the Rosetta Stone this multi-format alarm clock helps you easily convert between different numbering systems. Do you need to be able to effortlessly read the time in Binary or Hexadecimal? Well that’s debatable – but quickly converting a time display like C:2B into 12:43 (while others stare blankly at this clock) makes it pretty clear that you are a human possessing superior number skills. Like the enigmatic monolith from 2001, this clock will appear only as a mysterious geometric shape to those of inferior intelligence. The more evolved will easily decode the elegant time display rendered by its LEDs. Others may appreciate beautiful words or works of art but your language has always been numbers, the closest expression of eternal truth.

Features of the ThinkGeek Epoch Clock include :-

  • Displays the time in multiple formats: Standard, Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, Roman
  • Unix epoch time display
  • Day, month, year display
  • Date display and Unix epoch display can be turned off/on
  • 12-hour (AM/PM) or 24-hour (military time)
  • Alarm clock with snooze and two volume settings
  • Back-up power from two AA batteries
  • USB port on back provides output power
  • Awesome LED display

This puppy will cost you a cool $49.99 – know any geeks who need a clock desperately this Christmas?