The Teabag Coffin hides away teabags

I am a major tea addict, but one serious issue I have with tea is the teabag.  I know it’s ridiculous but I can’t just leave it sitting out on the table and I don’t usually have a saucer handy.  I just flat out don’t like having the messy teabag laying out even if I have a saucer.  Well as it turns out I’m not the only one driven nuts by the dilemma.  One person was just a bit more constructive with their issues.  They actually decided to design something to solve the issue.  This little cup and saucer set would give it a spot to sit that doesn’t look nearly as messy as the teabag just lying around.

One extra perk with this design is if you don’t strain the teabag that well it won’t matter as much.  It’s going to sit in an area that’s indented, so the leftover juice from the bag won’t run onto anything.  This design is by Jonas Trampedach, who hopefully will find a way to get this cool teacup and saucer manufactured.  As of now though, this is still a design, so sadly those of us who are ridiculously anal about our tea habits will have to deal.

Source: Cribcandy