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The Superior Baby Monitor

The Superior Baby Monitor

Just the other day I was looking for baby monitors because I am going to be a dad soon (just kidding, I had to make up a scenario) and so it was with great interest that I saw the Superior Baby Monitor, could it be the highest-ranking monitor ever that would protect babies and kids like never before?

Well, let me tell you that the features look good (at least in theory) and even if there isn’t a camera in this so called “superior baby monitor”, it is still a good a pretty good piece of electronics and technology combined, too bad it isn’t the latest top-notch technology…

Anyway, here are some of the good features of the superior baby monitor starting with the most important one:

  • secure way to monitor the baby due to the digital enhanced cordless telecommunication (DECT) that automatically selects an unused frequency band
  • since most babies need (or most parents like) to be listening to something while trying to go to sleep, this monitor takes care of the problem by playing five different lullabies
  • it is suppose to be dark on the room where the baby/kid is sleeping, and to make your life easier there is a night light function that will surely help during the hard tasks
  • built-in thermometer on the baby’s device that will afterwards transmit the temperature information to the parent’s monitor

And last but not least, another important feature:

To prevent misplacement of the handset, the unit includes a belt clip, neck strap, and page button.

This piece of “insert something witty here” that could save you lots of time costs $200.

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