The Submarine K95 Waterproof USB Drive

If you have the tendency to kill USB drives due to strange accidents, you might want to consider a tougher drive.  This cool little drive in the shape of a submarine will hopefully stand up to your random mishaps.  Such as spilling your coffee, knocking over your bowl of soup or any other liquid you might come across.  It might also be able to deal with being dropped or stepped on every so often too.

The best part about this drive is that the designer chose the shape it in the shape of a submarine and made it waterproof.  Making the submarine shape all the more fitting.  The K95 drives is available in both 1GB and a 2GB version.  It also comes in four different colors, white, red, black and green.  It was designed by Moscow’s Man Works Design and since it is a design, it doesn’t have any purchase information.  Hopefully with a witty design like this it will start becoming available to the public soon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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