The Square Solar Shoji Lantern great for pool parties

Solar lights on occasion have a bit of a tendency to be dull.  The stakes you put in the ground to line your garden with are usually featured in every other yard around.  However, there are the ones that stand out from the rest, like these cute little lamps.  The silk-like waterproof nylon will stand up to storms a bit better than the pretty lanterns that are a similar style but made for the indoors.

The lights are pretty straight forward like all solar lamps they charge with the sun, but they don’t come on automatically, they have a switch to turn them on and off.  They come with a AAA rechargeable battery, which I didn’t know was allowed.  I figured it was a rule that manufacturers were banned from including batteries.  The lamp comes in bronze and slate, to buy one will cost you $36 and for a pack of three $99.  Each lamp is 18” tall, so it’s not like you’re getting three very small lanterns for almost $100.  The unfortunate side is that you can only buy a pack of three in bronze or slate, you can’t get one that has both colors.  So if you want to mix and match you’ll have to pay the individual price.

Source: thegreenhead