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The sound of faith: cross MP3-player

pimp thumb

I’m pretty puzzled here.. this little gadget combines 3 cultures in one, apparently.

First of all, there’s the modern culture: a ‘fashion’ MP3 player, to be worn as a pendant.
Then, there’s the religious side: sombre colors and stiff cross form.
But then, after finding out that it fits an AAA battery inside, I reckoned that it’s about the size of pimpin’ jewelry. The colors aren’t right for that, though.. no gold?

This is not the first cross-shaped MP3-player we’ve stumbled upon. The other one actually had some pretty slick looks. It doesn’t seem to have made it past the concept stage, though.

Read on for the hard specs and the usual engrish-related fun. Of course, there’s a bigger picture inside, too.

I’ll cut it short: here are the official specs, commented by me:

  • Supports USB2.0 (FS) (where FS stands for ‘full speed’, I guess)
  • Supports MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV format
  • Supports 16 languages: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English,
    Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech,
    Dutch, Portuguese, Denish, Polish and Russian
  • Partition area of storage available (well… what would that mean, please?)
  • Built-in 7 EQ modes
  • Backlight
  • Super long time high quality voice recording and repeating
  • Synchronal lyric display
  • Low power consumption: over 10h playback with 1 alkaline battery
  • Built-in FM radio (optional)

Judging from the picture, it also has an integrated loudspeaker, for those cool gospel hits that you just have to share with the others.

Here’s a bigger image, for a better look:


Unfortunately, the producer only sells industrial amounts of the players. If someone would really like to start up a business with these, here’s the product page. Be sure to check the other super cool products, too. You’ll definitely have some fun!