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The Solar Globetrotter Kit keeps your gadgets charged

There are times that I would really love to have a solar bag, but they do lack a bit in versatility.  First of all if the bag is something that won’t blend easily into different environments you’re going to end up using it less.  Also, sometimes you aren’t going to be out and around much and might just want to pop it in the window, but the bag may be too large or awkward to stay in the window and charge up.  With the Solar Globetrotter Kit, the solar panel can just attach to any bag, making it useful in a variety of situations.

The solar panel is for those that enjoy traveling a bit and especially those that are the outdoorsy type, so therefore they have obviously made it completely water resistant to accommodate that.  The lightweight gadget comes with a Velcro strap and a couple of buckles to make sure you can easily attach it to different things.  The panel is being sold for £49.99  or $98.65 over at Lazybone.

Source: ubergizmo