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The Solar-Energy FM Radio

If you’re attempting to go green, this cute little radio will help you along the way.  It seems a little outdated to me, just purely because I recently wrote up the Active Trax Solar Audio Player.  Which had a solar panel and a hand crank, as well as being a speaker and being able to play the regular radio.  This new gadget comes a little short of that, not by a ton, but it’s missing one major perk that  a lot of people would miss.  It can’t actually be hooked up to your iPod.  It only has the function to play the radio.  However, it’d be great for those striving to be a minimalist.

It is just barely cheaper than the other audio player too.  Really, between the two there’s only a $10 difference, so you’d almost be better off forking out the extra cash.  Then even if you don’t have an iPod now, you have the option to play it through the speaker at some point.  I do understand though that there are those resisting buying an MP3 player.  In which case you’ll be happy to know that this new radio also features the hand crank in addition to the solar panel.  One minute of cranking will get you 20 minutes of radio and five hours of sunlight will get you about 30 hours of radio.  You can pick it up on Gizfever for $24.99.

Source: Smidigt