The Snowball Launcher with 50′ range

Just because you’re an adult does not mean that you don’t still enjoy chucking an occasional snowball at your friends.  Actually, at times it makes it more forbidden and therefore a lot more tempting.  Well if you don’t have the greatest throwing skills then you might want to look into a cool contraption to help you out.  With this cool gun, hopefully no one will notice that you didn’t buy it just because you thought it was cool.  Likely they’ll just see a new toy to drool over and your secret of a puny throwing arm will stay quiet.

Not only would this be great for those that have a throwing handicap, but for those that want a longer range with their snowballs.  You could stay out of range of your friends efforts at retaliation.  The launcher has a 50′ range and shoots at rapid speeds.  Hopefully you can either have a friend making the snowballs to load into it or you can reload quickly.  Otherwise your enemies might take the chance to gain on you and get revenge.  The launcher works with a slingshot mechanism and can be bought for $29.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: OhGizmo

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