The Smash Alarm Clock lets you get out morning aggression

Here’s a great way to kick off the morning.  There is no better way to greet the day than to start it with a bit of violence.  No one really likes their alarm clock, for a great deal of reasons really.  First of all it is dragging you out of bed and to top it off, most alarm clocks are just plain annoying.  I know it’s had to occur to you on at least one occasion to pick up the clock and chuck it at the nearest wall or at the very least to pound it into tiny pieces.

This alarm clock allows for you to get that frustration out every morning.  To make it stop that obnoxious beeping stop, just punch the top of the alarm.  It might even make it fun to wake up in the morning.  You get to look forward to actually having a valid excuse to hit something every single day.  Then if you get frustrated midway through the day, just “accidentally” set it for five minutes from then.  Sadly, it’s still a concept design, but hopefully something like this will hit the market sometime soon.

Source: OhGizmo

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