The Silvana washing machine end table

Very few people have an end table that is actually eye catching.  Sure, people find ways to make it appealing.  However, the table itself is usually fairly simple.  With good reason of course, it makes it easier for a larger variety of people to blend it into their home.  The personalization usually happens when finding things to put on the end table.  Well this end table lamp combination will turn a few heads.

It’s made from an old washing machine drum, then equipped with a light.  The top is a frosted glass to give nothing more than a soft glow.  It adds a cool effect by the way the light also shines through the small holes in the drum.  It’s created by Reestore, who has oddly managed to turn an ordinary washer into a very expensive piece.  You can pick it up for £380 or about $580.  If you have the extra cash for it, it might be worth the extra buck to own something that is definitely unique.

Source: CraziestGadgets