The Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter

There are a great deal of situations where a motion sensing light can come in handy.  If you own your own home, you always have the option to install something permanent.  However, for those that are renting or homeowners that just don’t want to deal with the hassle, something temporary like this would come in handy.  It’d also give more options as to where to place it.

Most people would consider the front porch the best place for the light, which it is definitely a nice spot for it.  Purely because it flips on so that you see when someone is outside and it also is great for when you’re trying to unlock the door.  Other places that it might come in handy are those areas that the light switch is either located in a bad spot or for when you might have your hands too full to flip on the switch, like in the laundry room.  The sensitivity can be adjusted, the sensor also has a 360-degree sensing view and up to a five meter range.  Sadly the on-time duration is only 5 to 100 seconds.  You can purchase it for $24.99 on Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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