The Santa Cruz USB SkateDrive

For those of you that when you’re not on your computer, you’d rather be out on your skateboard, there is now the Skate Drive.  According to the site, it’s the first and apparently even the only authentic USB skateboard-inspired flash drive.  Hopefully they even made it so that the wheels spin.  That way when you’re particularly bored at either school or work, you can have something to fiddle with.  That is if you aren’t using the drive for actual computer oriented tasks at that particular juncture.

The Skate Drive doesn’t have a ton of storage, it only has 2GB.  However, it’ll at least work for smaller tasks.  To create the drive they teamed up with the Santa Cruz skateboard company and used actual graphics from Santa Cruz skateboards.  The USB drive also comes with a cord, or a leash as they call it, to make it easier to carry the drive around.  One thing is for sure, this is one flash drive that it’d be highly disappointing to lose the cap of the drive.  You can purchase this for $21.99 on Tiger Direct.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets