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The Russian steampunk mouse

Steampunk is one of those trends that makes me extremely sorry that I haven’t the slightest bit of crafting skills to make my own steampunk gadgets.  Purely because steampunk is usually very expensive, so unless you can make your own most of us will never get our hands on any of our own.  This one was created by a Russian modder who posted his project in a forum for us all to drool over.  He’s nice like that.  He even crafted a box to display it in.  He doesn’t give a single bit of fun details on how long it took or what he used.

Granted the little that Babel Fish attempted to translate didn’t exactly translate that well.  I can mostly tell what he was getting at.  One nice thing is he does give a before picture of the original mouse that he built around.  He even had his cat pose with the mouse for a quick snapshot.  I always manage to find one little detail that bothers me to no end on steampunk mods though.  For example this one, I dislike the way he covered up the original mouse cord.  Yes, I’m aware I’m entirely too picky.

Source: bbgadgets