The Rotato Express automatically peels for you

If you have a serious love for almost pointless gadgets, you’ll enjoy this one.  Yes, you could say that you peel so many potatoes that you can’t handle peeling them by hand.  However, everyone knows that you’re just a gadget addict who enjoys having a machine to do even the most ridiculous tasks for you.  This for most would be one of those gadgets you get as a gift and although you think it’s interesting, it will just end up in the far corner of your kitchen cabinet.  Then eventually it will become so surrounded by other items that you’ll forget you even own it.

On the plus side though it does peel other items besides potatoes, like fruits and other vegetables.  Plus it’d have that nifty long curly peel left over.  To work the gadget you just adjust the bottom and top spike so it is jabbing into the chosen item and push the button.  Once the Rotato Express is finished it flips off all on its own.  It claims it’s ultra safe and extremely quick.  However, it’s debatable that it’s worth it when it’s priced at $30 from TaylorGifts.

Source: BBGadgets

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