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The Rolling Razor adds even more blades

Were you starting to think they’d finally reached the maximum amount of blades they could fit into one razor?  Afraid not, they can still find ways to give themselves an edge over the competition.  They are adding a whole new set of blades to the handle.  Making the blade a little easier to use for those up and down motions.  Although all together it only has six blades, I’m sure someone will pick up on the new spin on razors and add another four or five.

These come in both girl and guy models, and within each there are several color options.  The women’s of course has pink.  It claims a faster shave and flows more naturally.  Whether or not that’s the case is fully debatable though.  It also has the usual feature like easy cartridge replacement and rubber grips to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand in the shower.  If the trend keeps going as is, they’re just going to keep adding more razors till we have a giant glove that we just rub across the area with twenty different blades.  The razor itself is $14.95 and refills $7.95 for a pack of four.

Source: Newlaunches

1 thought on “The Rolling Razor adds even more blades”

  1. I use the rolling razor every other day to shave my legs and underarms and I have never been nicked or broken out in razor rash as like with other razors. My husband uses his rolling razor everyday and loves how effortless it is to shave in the morning fitting with no effort under his nose. It is quick,simple and safe….everyone should own one….I own three.

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