The Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

We all go through those periods when it’s a nightmare trying to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning.  Be it because the bed is far warmer than the room, or you’re having a particularly good dream, either way you still have to make yourself get up.  When you’re desperate to find a way to drag yourself out of bed, you might look into this quirky alarm clock.  It’s sure to keep your mornings interesting.

When it’s time to wake up you’ll hear a count down and then the rocket will shoot into the air.  In order to make the alarm stop going off, you have to grab the rocket and put it back.  After rushing around to grab it, you’ll likely be wide awake and ready to get ready for work or school.  Luckily these are available in the UK as well as the US from two different vendors.  You can get it for the UK from DrinkStuff for £14.67 and the US can get it on Perpetual Kid for $24.99.

Source:  Technabob