The robots are coming


For years the human race has watched films and heard stories about how Robots first developed as toys and tools, grew in size, became more intelligent and eventually they become aware, finally they take over the planet! So we would be really stupid if allowed a company to develop robots that start off as a toy and gradually have upgrades over the years to make them more useful, wouldn’t we?

Korntech a technology company from Korea have developed the Rogun, a meter tall robot, that has two legs, two arms and generally looks like a human shape, yet what makes this robot different from all the others that we have seen around over the past couple of years is the fact that it can recognize faces, walk, alert the owners of intruders by cell phone, and has embedded cameras.

The robot is very sophisticated even though these are just basic functions, which are in fact steps towards a more functional robot, the Rogun has a seven inch LCD in its chest, which can be used for interactive learning, and video phone calls via a Wi-Fi connection.

In reality this a the first step towards a viable commercial robot, as the technology advances there will become a time when the sight of robots like this and probably even more complicated versions will be common a sight in homes, and work places.

It cost $1,000,000 to develop RoGun and the actual retail price will be around $100.000.

Source [Engadget]

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