The Robotan Toilet Paper Holder

These robot toilet paper holders may not have a single hi-tech feature going for them, but the fact that they’re robot heads just makes up for it.  Although I do wish they automatically ate the toilet paper when too much was hanging down.  Maybe with a random sound effect to go with it.  However, I’m afraid although these are incredibly cool, they are about as low tech as they come.

Thankfully, the vendor has included a roll of toilet paper, just in case you don’t have toilet paper where you’re from.  Alright, so it may be 100% recycled toilet paper.  Seriously though, who includes toilet paper?  The head is made out of heavy duty ceramic.  It comes in several bright colors, which includes black, red, white and yellow.  They are a bit pricey though, they are being sold for $49.99.  Which seems like a bit much for something the just hold toilet paper, even if it is a robot head.

Source: bbgadgets