The RoboMop


The RoboMop is a neat robotic solution to cleaning smooth floors. It does look a bit cheap and plasticy but if it saves a bit of menial labor who cares what it looks like.

The RoboMop works by using electrostatic pads to attract dust both from the floor and surrounding air. It moves round thanks to it’s own little robotic ball, simply place the ball inside the cleaning frame and it will roll around the room picking up all the dust in it’s path. This could also be used to test how good hamsters are at cleaning, place hamster in hamster ball, place ball in cleaning frame and watch your hamster randomly clean the room.

It’s certainly a neat idea, but when I saw the name RoboMop I was expecting a mop with water, I reckon to prevent confusion it should be renamed Robo-Floor-Duster. Further info over at the official RoboMop site.

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