The Remote Control Golf Ball

The Remote Control Golf Ball
It’s a brilliant prank; you get a remote control golf ball and have the ball go the extra couple inches for you, but go the opposite for your friends. The one problem is not many people actually no how to get or build a remote control golf ball.

You’ll finally be able to do that prank yourself, just buy the Remote Control Golf Ball. With it comes everything you need for some good fun.

The ball looks pretty standard although it does have some writing on it that will give it away as an R/C ball. The ball pops into the recharging station whenever it runs out of juice.

The remote is pretty basic, it has a little joystick that will have your ball zigging and zagging across the green. There are even three selectable frequencies, selectable on the remote, which allow you to control multiple balls at once. (racing, anyone?)

The remote has a fairly limited range, you’ll need to be within 100’ of the ball for it to work. That’s plenty of space for when your on the green.

One charge will power the ball for about four hours. The remote runs off one 9 volt battery and the charger is powered by two AA batteries.

Your purchase will get you two balls and two remotes which would make racing pretty easy. The Remote Control Golf Ball package goes for about $40. That’s nothing if it lets you screw with your friends for a couple hours.

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