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The Religous MP3 Player

Cross Player

If you have an audio bible then this is the player to listen to it on, the MP3 Cross.

The only information I’ve found on this mysterious player is the picture above, it doesn’t look photoshopped to me but as my only artistic talents involve drinking that’s not saying very much.

Found on HD Gadgets, come on Psico Girl where did you find it?

3 thoughts on “The Religous MP3 Player”

  1. This is still a concept sample, it is not a real mp3 player. In other words, it is merely a beautiful outer case. There is no motherboard inside. Believe it or not, you will never be able to buy this mp3 player from anywhere. As it is still a concept, it has not been turned into real commodity. To produce a real mp3 player, a beautiful outer case is important; to design the motherboard to fit the outer case is as important as the beautiful outer case. To this Saint B cross mp3 player, the motherboard problem has not settled yet, so it has not been a mature commodity. There are a lot of cheater sellers told you they may sell you Saint B cross mp3 player. Forget about it! Saint B cross mp3 player is still a beautiful case, it has not been turned into real merchandise, what you will expect them to sell you? You may find the picture they show you introducing the Saint B cross mp3 player are always the same. As they have got no Saint B cross mp3 player at their hands. So they can not take the pictures of Saint B cross mp3 player at different perspectives. They just copied the picture from the internet. We are a manufacturer that focus on MP3, MP4 player, we have launched our own Cross MP3 player, and it is a commodity, with all MP3 player functions on it. As we have designed the Cross MP3 player by ourselves, we have got MP3 technical engineers and experts all along, we know to design a motherboard to fit the slim Cross shaped outer case is really difficult. Our Cross mp3 player is a bit different from Saint B, BUT IT IS A MERCHANDISE! For more information, please visit our website by clicking the following link:

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