The Refrigerator Fizz Saver Dispenser

Two liters of coke are always fairly cheap, however, they tend to go flat extremely quickly.  Which makes them only really a good idea for parties.  At least at a party you can usually finish off the bottle before it ends up going flat, provided everyone gets the bottle closed well enough.  Well instead of worrying about if the bottle will stay good for as long as you need it to, you could pick up this little contraption.  It’ll make sure that your drink of choice will stay plenty carbonated.

Just twist the dispenser onto the bottle and you have your tap all set up.  Of course if you have several bottles open at once, you’re going to have to have plenty of these lying around.  It might be better for just day to day use.  Otherwise it could get pricey trying to buy twelve of these things all at once for your holiday parties.  You can purchase the Refrigerator Fizz Saver Dispenser for $12.98 on Get Organized.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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