The Recycled Record CD Case

One Etsy seller has a cute and definitely eco friendly idea to make use of those old records.  The seller artyfakt takes the recycled records and sleeves and creates a box for CDs.  Which almost seems a bit late.  Isn’t it time that we start making holders for our USB drives out of old CD cases?  Either way, if you’re for reusing old items, then this little box would likely work well for more than CDs.  I think anymore I own all of four actual CDs.  To which there isn’t a case for a single one, I just have a book for them.  It just seems a bit ridiculous to have the plastic cases sitting around when  book takes up so much less room.

If you have a massive stash of USB drives then I suppose you could dump those in this too.  Then at least you’d be using the box for current technology as opposed to using a box made out of outdated technology to store other outdated technology.  Each box will hold up to twelve different CDs and each ranges in price.  From $45-$75, likely depending on how hard it was to obtain the old record.  Unfortunately being Etsy, these aren’t items that are sold by the bundle.  So you’ll have to pick yours up quick before someone else does.

Source: Great Green Goods