The Rail Rider Lets You Cruise The Train Tracks

You know those cheap damsel-in-distress movies? Where some fair maiden always manages to get the fringe of her dress stuck on a train track, or manages to get tied down to the rails by an evil gangster? But never fear! The hero of the story is always there to provide rescue at just the last second, scoring kudos from the town, not to mention getting the chick.

In real life, the “hero” would almost always be too late to the scene of the crime to do any sort of saving that couldn’t be done with a spatula. If the hero just happens to still live with their parents and not own a car, how are they supposed to get to the tracks on time (especially if their friends are busy). The Rail Rider provides an excellent self-powered method for railroad transportation.

The 140 lb. Rail Rider is built with a choice of 2 or 4 seats, and is composed of 2″ rounded edges aluminum frames, 3/4″ stainless steel axles, and four 17″ polyurethane wheels. Pedaled like a bicycle, the Rail Rider has no need for gasoline or refueling, so it’s always ready at a moments notice.

Its construction is made so that you can ride on any old standard train track. If you’re in an old western movie, you’re bound to encounter the train tracks at some point. Price ranges from $1950 to $2350, depending on if you want to add more seats or even a top roof for blocking out the sun.

Product Page via 2dayblog

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