The Rab Mixer makes mixing a little more childlike

It has just occurred to me, upon seeing this design that I have never seen a novelty mixer.  I mean we have novelty gadgets in general galore.  However, the poor mixers they are stuck with just getting a few bright colors.  Yes, you can get the more expensive ones but they are just better, not novelty or cool.  I know it was exciting when they threw in a pink mixer, but seriously that’s not really thinking outside of the box.  Well the designer Ming Tong has created these cute little guys resembling bunnies.

The shape of most mixers is actually quite perfect to make it look like a rabbit.  So those of you that are good at those type things could easily just paint the bunny face on yours.  This particular concept does have a few extras though.  It features all the usual speed changes as well as preset modes for cakes and milk shakes.  This sadly, is still a concept or I’m sure it’d be somewhere in the archives of Perpetual Kid.

Source: yanko