The R2-D2 LEGO Flash Drive

R2-D2 is always a favorite character from Star Wars, so it’s no surprise to find that someone has created an R2-D2 flash drive.  This one is actually doubly awesome, because it’s a LEGO R2-D2.  You can’t get any better than Star Wars and LEGOs.  Well this isn’t a registered LEGO product,  it’s actually a handmade job.  Luckily though, this isn’t an online tutorial for those of us that aren’t so great at doing things like this ourselves.

The cute little USB drive comes with a cap for the end.  Which would take most of us no time at all to lose.  It can hold up to 4GB of whatever random things you might want to save on R2.  If you’re a Mac person, you’re in luck, because the drive is compatible with either Windows or a Mac.    It was created by 123Smile, and they are currently selling it up on Etsy for $49.95.  You’ll have to hurry though, because like many of the things sold on Etsy, there is only one in stock.

Source: GeekAlerts