The programmable cocktail dispenser.

It’s well documented that the coolest gadgets team occasionally like a drink. I love cocktail drinks and I love gadgets; now someone has made my dreams come true and combined them in one unit – a programmable cocktail maker.

The dispenser can hold 16 bottles as well as ice, but you need your own CO2 bottle and PC with serial interface.

The dispenser comes with software that allows you to select the cocktail of your choice, and you can even fine tune the ingredients to make your own variation of your favourite cocktail. The controlling software has a database of over 5000 drinks, and I’m sure it could be a lifetime’s work to sample them all. I downloaded the demonstration software from the manufacturer’s website and made the “Paz Ghetto Blaster” with my own special ingredients, as you can see here:

You’ll notice the rather large buttons on the screen. I wondered about this and guessed that after a few Paz Ghetto Blasters, you’ll have problems trying to control the mouse and large buttons like these will be pretty useful. There’s only one function missing from the software though and that’s the ability to export your favourite cocktail recipes so you can share them with your friends.

At a purchase price of $750, the programmable cocktail dispenser isn’t cheap, but imagine how cool it would be to invite your friends round for a barbeque and show off this wonderful gadget!

Found via Uberreview. Product page.

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