The Pretec i-disk Vogue 1GB USB Drive

I don’t think I can ever really understand the need to make USB drives shiny and then attach them to a chain so you can wear them around your neck.  I realize they are trying to make technology fashionable to wear, I just don’t see it happening for the general public.  Especially when they create a USB drive that has that overly cheap colored gold painted onto it.  It’s just not really a thumb drive that screams class.

Unfortunately the drive also doesn’t have a whole lot of storage packed into it, a whopping 1GB to be exact.  Which isn’t going to be a ton for most people.  Yes, it’ll work when you’re in dire need of a quick save so you can run off and then place that info onto a different computer right away.  However, using it to actually store a bunch of stuff probably isn’t going to happen.  The shiny little drive is actually a bit cheaper than usual.  It used to be priced at $49.99 and is now set at $29.99.

Source: Gadgenista