The PowerBall

Not really a new gadget (I’ve had mine for years) but still a wickedly cool one. The Powerball should be in every gadget lovers desk draw. Supposedly good wrist exercise for golfers but more importantly great and painful fun when competing with mates to see who can get it spinning the fastest or dislocates their shoulder first.

Once you get it spinning past 10,000 RPM it starts to sound like a jet taking off and it feels like your arm is about to be ripped off. The world record (yes there is such a thing) is something like 15,000 RPM the guy must have forearms the size of my thighs.

One word of warning, expect blisters on your fingers after the first few days of use, but once your skin leathers up a bit you’ll be able to spin until you can’t move your arm any more.

As with most cool stuff you can get the powerball from, it’s a bit pricet for the size but well worth the money.

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