The Portable UV Monitor times your sunblock

There was a time that I would go out in the sun and never ever burn.  Then I started working from home and well, now I burn to a crisp.  I burned in the car, thankfully my car has a sun roof so its an even burn.  Frankly even before I started burning I should have been a bit more worried about sunblock and UV rays due to skin cancer or not wanting to turn into the raisin lady.  If you’re not sure what the raisin lady is, thats the person who has baked themselves to a shriveled crisp, year round, since they were five.  Once they hit 35 their skin has turned to this weird not so natural skin texture.   Now if they ever grew a brain and decided to be careful in the sun this little gadget is definitely the way to do it.

To be perfectly honest I don’t really know how much sunblock is optimal, when to reapply or what it means when there are high UV rays.  Well this UV monitor doesn’t just tell you the UV rays are particularly vicious today.  You program in your skin type the SPF of the sunscreen you slathered on and it will begin a timer for you.  It lets you know when you need to reapply your sunblock.  Be careful in the water with this bad boy though, it is splash proof but I wouldn’t go diving into the depths of the ocean with it on your wrist.  It is being sold for about $48 or £24.99.

Source: teechee