The Portable Power Supply – Don’t get Caught in the Dark

Portable Power Supply

It’s that time of year again. We’ve already had our second storm related power outage, and every time I see a weather forecast that includes strong winds or big snow, I make sure to start charging every device I own, so I won’t just have to sit here in the dark. Being cold is bad enough, being cold and bored. Torture.

Check out Brookstone’s Portable Power Supply, providing up to seven hours of power for almost any device, this multifunctional power supply unit can put out AC power to run a TV, stereo, computer, lights, and small appliances, and enough DC power to allow you to jumpstart a car or boat, and the jumper cables are included!

Simply keep your Portable Power Supply unit plugged into any outlet in order to keep it charged up for your next emergency, or plug it into your vehicles power adapter, and when that charge wears out, you just have to use the hand crank in order to generate a fresh supply of juice. If you want even more functionality check out emergency radios, which will also provide weather forecasts and more.

The Portable Power Supply comes fully equipped with outlets and USB ports to power TVs, computers, radios, and mobile phones, an LCD screen that alerts you to how much power you have left, and a built-in LED flashlight. Perfect for camping, tailgating and emergencies of all kinds, The Portable Power Supply is a great gift for anyone, including yourself. Get it at for under 250 bucks.