The Pizza Coffin

A few people may say Homer Simpson and I have a few things in common, one that I cannot deny is love of pizza. Pizza, football, beer, hmmmm heaven. Or should that be Hell.

Hell Pizza are pretty huge in New Zealand (and very tasty so I’ve been told and any company that calls a chilli the ring of fire must know what they’re talking about) and they have what I can only describe as a very unique box. After gouging your self on your favourite pizza you generally (well sometimes, okay occasionally) have a few slices left which you put back in the box to save for later (if you’re like me you save them for the next days cold breakfast (hmmmm cold pizza)). Anyway Hell have come up with a pretty unique idea, the usual flat square box includes a pop-out fold up coffin to store those left over slices.

I just think this is kind of cool,[Hell Pizza Deliveries found via Happy Smurf Day and BoingBoing].

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