The Personal Cooling System (3.0)

The Personal Cooling System
When it’s hot out, there’s nothing like getting squirted with some water or walking into a place with the AC on full blast. Whenever those sources of cooling aren’t available, you’re pretty much sore out of luck; well, unless you’ve got your Personal Cooling System handy!

It looks a bit strange, and you’ll certainly get a few stares when wearing this thing out in public, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cons: a few hours of coolness.

The cooler goes around your neck, almost like a necklace. The actual cooling is done by a patented miniature evaporation based cooling system. The quiet motor inside drives the tiny fan which, in turn, produces the end product, the coolness.

After pouring a bit of water into the reservoir, the cooler provides you with up to four hours of relief. In case you need more time out of the cooler, a mini 2-oz water bottle is included for filling up on the go.

The motor needs to get power from somewhere, and it’s not solar, so you’ll need one AA battery in the cooler in addition to the water.

There are two styles of the Personal Cooling System, sleek silver and bizarrely blue which is see through!

Living in a climate where the weather is constantly hot and humid can get pretty tiring, and having something like the Personal Cooling System around for hikes or other outdoor activities would be a good idea. The Personal Cooling System, version 3.0 at that, can be yours for only $30.

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