The Patentee the very first toaster with a rotary basket

If you’d like the option of a bit more than just plain bread toasted in the morning, you might check out this design.  It actually has a rotary basket built into it, which also means nice hot croissants and other breaded goodness that you can toss into the basket.  With the basket itself, you can set an individual timer as to how long to keep it going.  On the rest of the toaster, since the rotary is on the top, your bread has to go someplace else for your morning toast.

Instead it has two pop out slots built into each side, it would also be great for anyone trying to make two different breakfasts for two different people.  The sellers of this toaster actually boasts that you will save up to 70% of your energy, because with this you don’t have to preheat your oven.  Smaller gadget, it’s going to use less power.  The toaster is currently on the market for  € 59.95.  Which seems like a little much, but having more than one function it does make it at least a little better.

Source: cribcandy

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