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The Party Plate

glass holding plate

This is a cool idea a plate that incorporates a glass holder, so next time you’re at a party you can gorge on the buffer without the risk of somebody nabbing your wine.

James is a plate for events like openings, vernissages, stand-up parties, which means for occasions, where drinks and appetizers are served with style . A handy plate, that takes the food in its glazed hygienic inner area and holds all glasses with a handle within its special hollow. Due to its broad and unglazed edge, it provides good grip. Everything in one hand, guests always have a hand left to eat or to say `hello┬┤ to their friends.

Design by Olaf Kiessling + Sternform Produktgestaltung by Andrea Grossfuss and Olaf Kiessling (I never realised it took so many people to design a plate with a hole in it :)).