The Ovo digital picture frame

Finding ways to personalize your desk space is sometimes essential to your sanity.  Especially when the entire office looks bland and horribly sterile.  Well this little digital photo frame will keep your pictures flipping all day long.  Luckily it’s also fairly small, so although it is one more thing to clutter up your desk it won’t actually take up that much room.  The tiny little screen might make it difficult for some to see, but if you are just looking for a fairly cheap digital picture frame it should do the trick.

The screen size itself is only 1.5 inches, so as I said before, it is kind of small.  It supports Windows Vista and has 2MB of memory.  Which should give you at least a fairly decent amount of pictures of either your kids or your pets.  The picture frame thankfully comes in several colors.  It is sold in white, blue, green and of course, pink.  There is bad news with this product though, it is a product sold in Tokyo.  So those of us in other parts of the world are so far out of luck on this one.  It is priced at ¥3,900 or about $36.

Source: Technabob