The OV-Watch Fertility Predictor

Fertility WatchWatches that just tell the time are so boring, so what extra functionality can you add to your wrist watch to make it that much more useful. You guessed it, a fertility meter.

The OV-Watch is a medical device worn on the wrist just like a watch and it tracks fertility with much higher accuracy than traditional methods. Many couples don’t realize that a woman’s window of fertility actually opens 4 days before ovulation. With OV-Watch women can actually track the full 6-day fertility window as opposed to a mere 2 day prediction with traditional methods.

It looks like a digital wristwatch and it has a sensor that tracks the differences in salt levels to accurately predict when you should do “it”.

This fertility gadget could come in real handy for couples planning on trying for a baby (remember practice makes perfect), or for those who run a mile when babies are mentioned (though a pronto condom would be a bit safer in that case).

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