The Ora ILegale Clock adjusts for daylight savings by tipping


Daylight savings time is a touchy subject for me.  I didn’t have to put up with it till only a couple years ago, because my state was still holding out.  I liked it that way, I didn’t have to deal with any of this clock changing nonsense.  Unfortunately, my main computer freaks out every single time the time change happens, otherwise my technology would just update itself.  So at least there’s that, unfortunately, normal clocks don’t really update themselves.  You have to change the time manually, which is just a nuisance.  Well with this clock it’ll be a whole lot easier.

To change the time just knock over the clock and it’s fixed.  This was designed by Denis Guidone and at some point will be produced by NAVA.  As of now though, it’s not being sold anywhere and there aren’t any details on how much it will cost either.  They do state that the clock is made out of wood and then of course comes in the white as well as the black.  The dimensions are 18 cm x 6 cm.  Now if only all other clocks, that don’t change automatically, were just as easy to reset.

Source: CribCandy