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The New Ogo2.0 Mobile Device


There are many handheld communication devices blowing our minds at the moment, for example the Sidekick. But IXI Mobile, the makers of Ogo products and services have just given us another.

This new handheld device called the Ogo2.0 has a QVGA screen resolution with built in speakers, which are not ear blowing but still reasonable, and are in stereo of course. You can expand the memory because it has a microSD expansion memory slot that is superb if you want to watch video clips and want to store masses of music.

This version of the Ogo emphasizes Web2.0 interactive content interface, and what is more has a full QWERTY QWERTZ keyboard. Because this device has Web 2.0, this means that you can be fully mobile with blogs, podcasts and so much more.

The clever part about the Ogo2.0 is that there is a fully removable tubular device called the OgoClip that gives you great functionality. It can be a camera or even a music streamer, or what about a microphone and a Bluetooth accessory, and many more that can be added at a later date.

On a personal note, the launch of the Ogo2.0 is more favoured by Europe but this could change in time.

Some Specifications and Features –

  • 8 Way Navigation with Menu Selection Wheel
  • Main Display – QVGA 320×240 TFT 64k Colours
  • Sub Display – 132×32 pixels, mono STN
  • 32MB RAM, 64MB Flash
  • microSD Removable Memory
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 4 Hours Talk Time
  • 160 Hours Standby Time
  • 150 grams
  • 118 x 69.5 x 20.2mm
  • GPRS/Edge Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 class 10

The stunning CT-25E is the first member of Ogo2.0 family, and is to have its premiere launch in Switzerland. Through IXI’s strategic partnership with Swisscom Mobile, Swisscom was the first carrier to launch Ogo in Europe, and will continue to collaborate with IXI on the first European launch of Ogo2.0.

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Author: Mark at Phones Review

1 thought on “The New Ogo2.0 Mobile Device”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am using the old version of th ogo and It’s absolutly an amazing device. As many that have seen this device wish to have one for himself. Unfortunately OGO is no longer offered for sale in Ghana since October 2007.
    I sold my LapTop and bought this OGO but I have never regreted.
    The only problem is how to rplace this when it gets old and wear out or stollen.
    It’s a wonderful phone. I wish I could get the opportunity to buy the new version that can store and play videos. If it s posible to sell it on the net please donot hesitate to let me know.
    I,m Moses,
    A Ghanaian

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