The Napbook laptop case doubles as a pillow

I don’t usually write up cases, purely because although they’re cool gadgets are always cooler.  They just happen to be the thing that keeps your gadgets warm and safe.  Typically the most exciting thing to happen to a laptop case is to have color added to it or space invaders slapped on.  However, this Napbook actually does have an interesting twist to it.  The top flap on the laptop case is well padded, giving you a nice fluffy spot to lay your head for a quick nap.  If you like to camp out for launch dates of games or gadgets and want your laptop along for entertainment, you could easily use this as a pillow.

It would also mean your laptop is safely stowed away under your head and less likely to turn up missing.  This is a design by Hafsteinn Juliusson, a designer from Iceland.  Since it is a design, there really isn’t any word on how to get one.  However, for those with crafty skills, it seems to be a simple enough DIY project.  Plus that way you can pick the colors or the amount of padding you’d like added.  Although the look of this design does border on goofy, the practical uses for it make it a bit more appealing.

Source: CraziestGadgets